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winter music schedule and an actual smile captured on film (digital film)

#1 son was complimented from his teacher for singing so well and loud in the holiday muscial event


both two older kids had piano recitals this past weekend.  all the kids did a great job on the piano.

I was told that he DID brush his hair, but there was still this bird's nest looking lump on the back of his head  it was his performance in the audience that most affected his parents.  he made noises, fidgeted, teased his sister and made goofy gestures. 

reader, I tell you this in confidence, his parents were so upset they nearly wanted to choke him.  he had ignored all their pleas to stop and please behave.  now I know what his poor teacher is experiencing.  

we used yelp to find the nearest mexican food establishment.  luckily we found nuevo mexicana was next door to the recital hall.

liquid valium-micheladas

sure, it was cold outside and we had jackets on, but we still drank beer over ice... 


kat approved of their menudo.

then something happened....  like a beam of sunlight through the clouds, she smiled

the elusive smile

and I captured it with the real camera, no crappy iphone pic.

I made #1 son help me with a photo shoot of our 1970 porsche 911t we are going to sell 

behind the scenes porsche photo shoot


1970 porsche 911t for sale

3.0 sc with weber carbs and MSD


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