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winter in tx holiday party season 2010

 christmas in texas

winter in tx, decorate the agave in mid 70's and no chance of rain.

our fake plastic tree

my mom is on the way to NE for christmas with my sister, so we opened a few gifts early.

felted hat

since she is now in the felt hat making business, we got lids.

felted hats for sale

and we went out and about downtown.  first, for a friends birthday; el chile

then we managed to get ourself into the Living Room Lounge at the new W hotel.

w living room lounge secret bar

vinyl collection at w hotel living room lounge

the place is beautiful!  roaring fire and seven thousand vinyl records for the dj to select from.  sound was good but not so loud you couldn't have a conversation.

1965 econoline

the van is back from the pro-mechanic.  drove home without any issues.

vending machine like aerodynamics

check out that shadow, all the aerodynamics of a vending machine! 


we had a blast at the yelp elite holiday party at icenhauser.  a great spot to hang with friends.  warming up by the fire out back.

you know I had to get in there.

snuggie party

there was a snuggie theme and contest.

free moonshine cocktails, free batter blaster pancakes and a cookie exchange kept things lively.


yes, it WAS that much fun.

then we hit up a food trailer and to bar 69 with some new yelp friends

I may not be tall.

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