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2010 holidays

happy holidays from austin modhouse

happy holidays to you and yours.  we hope 2011 will be just as fantastic as 2010 was.  we are closing the year on a high note...

nutcracker goes to hooters

kat took the two older kids to the austin ballet's Nutcracker on the 23rd.  she bought #1 son a souvenir nutcracker.  #2 son and I met up with them at this restaurant across the street afterwards. 


father son zombie farm

#1 son and I looking at my zombie-farm

salad shooter sony alpha

my dad came down christmas eve, he was enjoying his new sony dslr camera (his food pics below)

shrimp salad

salad with orange sections, roasted tomato, caramelized walnuts, feta and shrimp.

miso-gravlox salmon

my latest recipe I've been working on, miso-gravlax salmon.  low sodium white miso mixed with brown sugar and some spices.  rub it on at least an hour before oven roasting and broiling.  we call it fish candy and serve with toast points or crackers.

pan seared steelhead trout/salmon

pan seared steelhead.

kat still playing around with her ball recipe.  they are different balls every time, Jean helped and entertained us with her curiosity.

cheers xmas 2010

cheers!  that was a good feast and good times.  lots of laughs were shared.


christmas 2010

#2 son caught on quick.

tokyo mew-mew

eichler is on home detention

the dogs are on house arrest as our invisible fence is non-op.

ducking out for a bit

kat figured that if a cajun whole fried turkey was so good, duck would not suck.

 duck watching

dad keeping a close eye on that duck.

cajun whole fried duck

it was pretty good, I enjoyed the breast.  I'm a breast man.

had some friends over in the afternoon...  got international.

we got international


we managed to get to the mall before the throngs of people.  the deals were as easy as the parking and we were done with the mall by lunch time.  we went to matt's el rancho for a nice refuel.

 matt's el rancho

kat enjoyed her caldo de res and I had some delicious holiday tamales.  kids had their usual, smoked chicken enchiladas with verde (green chili) sauce.

freeze in central texas

we had our first real freeze of the year on christmas night.  our banana trees act as our canary in the coalmine for the first freeze.  the leaves are all wilted and I will probably be chopping them back soon.

see you in 2011!


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