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summer rain delay, time machine

having a big rain here at the moment, kids are watching Phineas and Ferb.  those two have fixed a time machine.  here at AMH I realized that I have not downloaded one of the cameras, #1 son's end of year school party pics have now been liberated.  now we can go back in time as well,  back to a sunny day in the park...

zilker park squirt gun party

tradition dictates they have a squirt gun party at zilker park.  I was here about four years ago with the daughter's class, #1 son was a toddler and came along with me. 

the party is unstructured squirt gun chaos, balls bubbles, pizza and cookies.

#2 son came along this year, and I expect I will be back here doing the same thing for him in another four years, tradition.


refill station.

there ya go, squirt the camera.

zilker park soaking tub

the tubs also served as his personal soak stations

pogo levitation

and a final levitation pic, unrelated to the eanes end of year party in zilker park

ballerina abduction


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