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summer jobs and the yelp project

the daughter has graduated from elementary school.

one thing that I always love to find are people in the background, smiling at the camera.  I don't realize they are there when I take the pics, but find them when I am later editing the pics, grinning over the subject's shoulder.


the two older kids had their hearts set on a particular pokemon nintendo game that came with a pokewalker (a pedometer that will charge a pokemon with pokewatts).  they were discouraged at the expense and needed a way to raise some funds.  the first solution was to help me clean up the wimberley lot.

 I made a deal to give them each $10 for two hours of dragging sticks.  I promised to provide cold water, plenty of breaks and no expectations of them to move sticks beyond their ability.  an agreement was made and they would soon have their pokefunds.  the daughter went down first, she worked hard and didn't complain once!  we really made a difference.

summer stick carrying job

but then came time for #1 son to do his two hrs of work.  he had started complaining a week in advance.  he was worried it would be "too hard" (with a nasal sort of whine).  then he did the math and figured out he didn't NEED $10, he only needed $7.  he tried to renegotiate our agreement, he now wanted $7 for ONE hours work.  I told him we had a deal, two hrs work for $10.  take it or leave it.  he could't leave it alone, he then tried to strike a deal to work for 1 hour and a half for $7.  I explained that a deal was a deal and my patience grew thin on his renegotiation strategy.  he eventually did drag sticks for two hours and had to suffer the extra $3 his work provided.

she got her pokewalker funds first and we chose an ebay seller from roundrock, about 20 miles north of us.  she anxiously checked the mail box every day, and each day we grew more skeptical.  #1 son also selected his pokewalker game from an ebay seller, from ohio, purchased a few days after his sister's.  his arrived in two days!  her's was still not here.  this was not the lesson I had hoped she would learn.

I eventually filed a paypal claim against the ebay seller in roundrock and we purchased her pokewalker-game at sam's at a similar price offered by the ebay fraudster. 


the summer yelp report project

for additional summer fun I have stockpiled dining deals using groupon/living social.  the two seen above have been challenged to write a yelp review of each restaurant we redeem a deal/certificate.  the nintendo DS at the table have been replaced with notepad and pen.  they make notes on service, food taste and ambiance.  both of them took careful notes and did not share info.  the opinions in the reports are purely their own, he is an easy five stars, she is a slightly tougher customer.  FINO did put in a big effort to get their five stars from both, Ryan (server) did a magic trick and the manager also came out to introduce himself to the both of them. 

cava mimosa

the brunch at FINO was a big hit.  the daughter LOVED her "made to order donuts with vanilla crema" and kat's braised short ribs hash with black truffle and runny egg was delicious as well.  #1 son has been on a salad eating streak, he chose the mixed greens with moscatel vinagrette and manchego cheese.  the bottle of cava and carafe of pomegranate for $20 was also an adult brunch pleaser.

drink set-up at Rio's

for the evening summer project entry we travelled to austin's east side.  it was well worth crossing the tracks to eat at Rio's Brazillian restaurant.  we had a living social deal to get $40 worth of food and four drink "set-ups".  they don't have a liquour/beer/wine lic so you bring your own.  they brought out mason jars with pre-muddled limes, mint and sugar.  megan (server) poured our rum in and she shook with great skill and enthusiasm.  the food was quite good and we enjoyed many items we've never eaten before.  for $40 (paid $20 via living social) we got MUCH more food than we could eat at any one sitting. 

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