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summer camp trip #1, pedernales falls

 wet crossing

loaded up the airstream and hauled it 35 miles to pedernales falls state park

twin falls pedernales

arrived in plenty of time for a quick hike to see the twin falls.

68 airstream overlander

terrible two!

he is really into this "terrible two's" role.  without any notice he will throw himself down on the ground, he will squeal and scream if we try to pick him up, squeal and scream if we don't pick him up and then suddenly he jumps up in a good mood and runs away...

I had done a google image search before our visit to pedernales falls.  none of the images do it justice.  it always seems so small in the pics compared to the actual size, too much to fit into one pic.  it was beautiful.

sandball toss

he loved playing on the sandy beach at the bottom of the falls.

I think those cactus are desert spoon, used to make sotol

no swimming allowed at the falls as the currents are strong.

he never missed an oportunity to make a sandball and throw it in the water.

there are several levels of falls and it requires a good bit of climbing and hiking.  each dose of effort was rewarded with new pools, falls and vistas.

after lunch we made our way to the section of river where swimming is allowed.

the banks of the river area were blanketed with wild flowers.

we spent the entire afternoon soaking in the river and napping in the shade on soft sandy beaches.

merida hammock

nearly ten years ago we purchased that hammock while visiting one of my favorite cities, merida.  glad to see it getting some good use.

V8 lover

the first two kids were not picky eaters.  they always loved to try new foods and ate whatever we ate.  #3 IS a picky eater, but he sure LOVES V8.

less than an hr to get home.  I think we'll soon return.


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