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summer food fest continues

fried twinkie from pluckers

you know this post might just represent a few calories when it starts with a plate of plucker's fried twinkies.  this one serving was enough to satisfy five kids and four adults.  it is RICH and delicious.

face clean fail

kids are still taking notes and making their yelp entries, even though he can't seem to properly scrape the wings and fried twinkie from his face.

odd duck pork belly kimchi slider

had a great meal at Odd Duck Farm to Trailer.  what you see above is grilled banana nut bread with duck meat covered with cream, peaches and mint.  behind that is the glorious braised pork belly slider with kimchi.  the heirloom tomato salad and also the grits did not disappoint either.  this place is BYOB so bring your own drink of choice and any accesories needed to serve/open ( glasses/wine key).  next to Odd Duck is the famous Gourdoughs


Kat was skeptical about a "gourmet donut".  but gourdoughs did not fail to impress and all the hype was true and their prices have increased as well. 

back at the farm....  kat harvested some of her onions and I made several onion based meals this past weekend including french onion soup complete with locally sourced beef soup bone from grass fed organic cattle.

amh kids plate

this would represent a typical austin modhouse kid's plate, seared salmon over vermicelli in a cream of onion sauce, onion vinaigrette baby green salad and asparagus.  older two kids have always enjoyed this type of food.  so far #3 is still not cooperating. 


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