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off grid cabin back breaking labor camp

concrete screet

we had decided on a solid concrete floor for the bathroom.  not very complicated but carrying 21 80lb bags of quickrete mix in through the woods, and then 21 gallons of water, and then mixing, and pouring and screeting...  WHEW!  took us over 3 hrs.  we have to work off all that food we have been eating. 

 random pattern...

we had also agreed that we would place these eliptical black glass tiles into the concrete, in a "random" pattern.  kat took this task and I pointed out her pattern didn't look "random" to me, in fact it looked quite symetric...  she considered my statement, looked at her work and concluded her brain doesn't do random well; left brain/right brain.  she tried harder to achieve randomness and I like the result.

more random

off grid sleeper sofa

some friends found they had some extra unused twin beds to donate to our cause.  we shuffled some furniture around and we now have a sleeper sofa in the tall cabin.  looks great in there! 

 koi feeding

part of his morning routine involves feeding the fish.  they are growing very large.

home grown onion harvest

harvested some red onions from our garden.  they were delicious.

funeral for a bird

came home on evening to find kay-so (the cat) was beating up a dead bird.  we had a quick burial and the daughter played blackbird.

volunteer pumpkin flowers

volunteer pumpkin, from the remains of our jackolantern, is taking over the front yard.  the flowers remind me of chicken feet and that reminds me of pluckers and that reminds me of giant fireman's #4 beers and that reminds me of the carousel bar...

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