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carousel lounge and treachery of others

this place has some austin weirdness.  if this is a dive bar, let's dive in.

drink set-ups at carousel

this circus themed bar is BYOB, they do sell beer and wine.  if you want cocktails, bring your own handle and just set it up on the bar or your table, most do.  they will sell you a glass of ice and a mixer for $2.  this worked well for us.  a top shelf vodka tonic at most bars would involve a deeper wallet dive, but not at the carousel.  I also appreciate the actual carousel behind the bar with a crazy chicken on it.  you can't just make this up, authentic kitsch flavor takes time to steep.

yes, this place has been here since that was modern technology.  each table had one, but they are no longer operating.  they also had TVs that must have been a foot deep, odd.  wonder what they are hiding behind the screen.

Johnny enjoying some PBR before the show.  the walls have circus themed murals on them, and a certain bouquet that has been mellowing like fine wine.

a good crowd came to support the home team.

treachery of others

treachery of others put on a good show for their adoring fans and made some new ones.  the joint was rockin'!

added a slide guitarist to the mix of bohemian musicians.  yes, that is a pink elephant behind them.  he is not normally part of the band, but they let him sit in for this special event.

dancing at the carousel austin

then, a girl got up and started dancing, her partner soon joined. 

I know, you are noticing that piece of drop panel ceiling that is peeling.  you may consider to try this at home, but trust me, it takes decades to perfect this look.  you can't just make it up in 48 hours like some HGTV competition.  it will look contrived in your home.  come enjoy the authentic ambiance of the carousel.

more dancers at the carousel

then another couple took to the dance floor.  I know the boys in the band must have enjoyed this as these dancers were not part of their usual friends and family that come out to enjoy their music.  these were just regular neighborhood dive bar patrons enjoying good music on a muggy friday evening.

the carousel closes promptly at midnight and the band played till 11:59, the bar shut down before midnight as I saw the bartender refused to serve some guy at 11.55. 

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