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what sort of therapy? apartment therapy?... happy hour therapy?

we were featured in apartment therapy this past week. 

and had a small celebration at paggi house, and fell in love with a happy hour cheese plate

 cheese plate at paggi house

paggi house has a FANTASTIC happy hour, even on saturday!  the cheese plate above is a bargain at the full price of $14 and at half price for happy hour I almost felt guilty.  but we got over the guilt and ordered a second cheese plate.  six cheeses including an edam, five year aged gouda, maytag blue....  and a chunk of raw honey comb and rhubarb and nuts.... 

saturday happy hr at paggi house

we also enjoyed the mussels with fries (moules frites) and just a few of the cocktails; also half price!  notable favorites from the cocktail menu include the cucumber margarita, blood orange margarita and the french 76.

kid's table at paggi

we had a private tent room and the kids had their own table.  I was proud that nobody threw rocks at cars, not even me.

happy at paggi

happy is the word that comes to mind.

the kids attended a birthday party in the coaches box at UT yesterday, and I stood out in the 36 degree temps waiting for them.  sort of ironic as we had just learned that UT has decided to close the cactus cafe.  hard for music fans to understand such a move, austin, the live music capital of the world is being burdened by huge TV screens (my latest pet peave is restaurants that don't offer tv-less seating areas).  more sports and less live music is an alarming trend to me. 

pretzel mania

the cold weather caused an old memory of mine to resurface.  ten years ago, when we lived in baltimore, we had toyed with making our own pretzels.  I recall we got pretty good at it.  cold days are great for staying in and baking.  also poached some salmon and roasted fingerling potatoes.  had a nice meal while watching the new star trek movie.  fun.


we were fortunate to have tickets to see yo la tengo at antone's this past friday. it was sold out but we managed a decent view....


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