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lucky 7?

 number #1 son has survived seven years on this planet.  his 7th year meal request was gattitown, (like that other pizza-arcade place but cleaner and gattis pizza is much better).  I already had a full day of running all over town in really nasty weather but we stuck it out and drove to south austin to honor the birthday wish.

salad before pizza.  we try to have a salad with every dinner, not optional. 

after filling up on salad, pizza and desert pizza... time to slaughter some virtual endangered animals.  that monkey asked for it!

gatti-town skee ball

the arcade can teach quick lessons.  he found a few games he INSISTED he had to play.  he assured me that he knew how to play etc.  but a few are just quick losses of $, as was this sucking game... it sucked.  some things are just not as fun as they appear or are what they are advertised to be.

bumper cars

the bumper cars were a big hit, as always.

those moles were a bit too quick for his whac ability.

she got a prize for being the first person to reach 150.

chihuahua prize from gattitown

he did well at this ball slide/horse race.  he ran all around, waving his prize in the air, jumping up and down...  

pokemon emerald

we gave him his birthday present, "it's just what I asked for, pokemon emerald!"

(gameboy cartridge that also works in nintendo ds lite)

then, the daughter and I had to race off across town in the rain to get her to cotillion.  I ended the day with an amazing stress headache, it was great.


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