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I got board, kirei board

the apartment therapy article stirred up interest in our dining room table.

kirei board table at austin modhouse

I made the table myself using kirei board and off the shelf table legs from ikea

legs from ikea

enlarged image

enlarged image

what may appear to be a big thick slab, is not the case.  the board is only 5/8 inch thick and came as one 6x3 board.

kirei table inside corner detail

the corner detail underneath shows how I made a cap by ripping a section from all four sides at a 45 degree angle then turning them around so they make a lip.  I used gorilla (polyester) glue to make it one piece, then I applied wood filler to any voids on the top seams, used a router and sander to make it all smooth. 

kirei table cap

enlarged image

the kirei board part of the table is more like a cap that rests over a plywood platform.


enlarged image

I ripped a redwood 2x4 to create a reinforcing spine for the length of the plywood.  the attachment points for the legs are doubled plywood.

and the kirei cap slides right back on.  it has held up well considering the abuse the kids have issued.  I made this over six years ago, and survived two moves.



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