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have the plywood plank flooring down in the wimberley house.

about time to insulate and drywall.  I really dislike drywall, but for lack of a more cost effective method for finshed walls.... 

has been another musical week for us here in austin:

we caught the adorable erin ivey monday happy hour at the ghost room.  she sounded great but the stage lighting is dim (no decent pics). 

we stopped in at frank: hot dogs and cold beer.  kat refused to try the jackelope as she doesn't eat cute bunny rabbits.  I found the vegie dogs and the vegie chili to be...  not as good as the real thing. this iview of my wife is common now that she has an iphone too. do you see this often in your neck of the woods?.. notice the iglow.

jonathan richman has been in town for a string of four shows. 

jonathan richman cactus cafe 2010

I went to the cactus cafe in the UT student union to sit in line at 6 pm.  the doors open at 7:30 and the folks in line were expected to exceed venue capacity as it had on monday night.  I was #8 in line.  we managed to get the #1 table, jonathan richman played right over us and tommy's drum kit was nearly up against us.

we have tickets to the sold out Yo la Tengo show at antone's this friday eve.

and I have taken it upon myself to guilt charlie hunter to return to austin for a show.  it has been nearly a decade since he last played here.  I've enjoyed being able to see him regularly on both east and west coasts, and I don't aim to be quietly ignored here in the middle of texas.  just maybe I will get my way "... you've successfully lit a fire...."- charlie hunter's reply to my plea. charlie plays a custom made eight string guitar, three of those string are from a bass guitar.



I have used this low cost plank method in a past airstream we owned. it seems to work best when using a hard wood plywood. our wimberley project is almost zero budget so... this is a pine ply and a bit soft.

it is laid over a 5/8 inch sub floor

hi, just found your blog via AT. Nice job!

I used to live in Austin (for 20 years) and my brother still lives there (he's and artist and musician) so I love to see what's going on there.
I have a question- how are you attaching this plywood floor to the subfloor? It looks fantastic and we are considering trying that in a bedroom in the spring...

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