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shine on

the solar install crew finished up two days earlier than anticipated. 

this is the view of the PV panel array from the master bath deck.  

the inspector has to come and approve before we can connect to the grid.  inspection is scheduled for thursday.

it started generating electricity right away even though it was not connected till the sun had started to set.

now we just need to pull a rabbit out of a hat to pay the solar company until the rebates come in.  we had initially opted for a smaller less expensive system that we could upgrade next year.  the rebate program fiscal year is october.  so in order to save on installation labor we went ahead and got the larger system.  the result is more $ out of pocket until the next set of rebates are processed.  we have the truck on ebay and I will sell the mercedes next to keep the $ river flowing.

and I finally have our other house listed for sale! 



open house sunday if you want to come by and have a cookie. 

it takes kat a few years to forget her cycling spills.  she gets the urge to get back on the horse and try again.  I found this really nice marin aluminum framed cruiser on craigslist for a real good price.  she's a bit wobbly but we are going to practice today after work.  she's always wanted a bike with a basket. 

 now if we only had some place we could ride to from our house.  the roads in west lake hills are steep, twisty and no sidewalks. 

here is some good news!  the albertsons grocery store just up the road from us was just bought by HEB/Central Market!   for those readers outside of texas, central market is an upscale foodie sort of store, similar to whole foods.  they always have a fantastic bakery and cheese dept.




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