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inspection/collection day

austin energy came for inspection.  he gave me a bag of goodies, flourecent bulbs, a T shirt etc.  

he was real proud of the fact that austin energy has been able to put off building a new power plant by spending money on programs such as this rebate. 

he really scrutinized the whole system and briefly installed a meter.

this 3 ft deep hole has a ground plate at the bottom.

the inspector asked for some paperwork some of the fuses.  all issues were resolved and we are on schedule for the permanent meter to be placed.  then I had to write the check to texas solar power.  it was painful.  but, a huge chunk of that check will come back after the next rebate is processed (november) .

our electrician is back to work on the garage and nearly done.  it looks like he will soon wrap up the many other loose ends from construction.  and we have some glimmer of hope that our pool install will start up again.  it'd be great to swim before christmas!


we all love to feed the koi in the morning.  they are definitely trained for hand feeding.  they all swim up to the top and make sucking sounds as soon as they see us up for breakfast; they can see into the house through the sliding glass doors.

this past weekend kat was struck with a baking urge.  she can't make just one dessert, she has to make three at the same time, normally she stays out of the kitchen.  we tweaked a recipe we got from recipezaar.com and made appricot upside down cake.

having my laptop in the kitchen has spoiled us all. 



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