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PV me

we have our permanent meter on the house and have moved to a residential (cheaper) rate.  our rate will go down once again when our other house is sold and we can transfer our green choice plan over.  austin has the #1 green energy program in the nation and since fuel costs have risen since we signed up, the wind power rates are fixed for ten years, our green energy is actually a cheaper than the regular rate.

the solar guys started this morning.  they had been trying to call me but I've changed my cell # to a local 512 (has been 408 san jose area).

anybody else out there that calls me can put this # into their phone



here is the inverter mounted to the garage.  

above, is a trailer of PV panels.  we'll have a 6 KW system.  this summer we averaged just under $150 a month.  that was at the commercial rate too.  I know people who regularly pay more than $500 month to run a/c through the summer.  and many of those folks are in smaller homes with fewer windows.  I even met a guy that lives in a two bedroom apartment who pays $500 a month during summer months.  who said the cost of living was cheap in texas?


we hope that the solar system will show itself in a monthly difference, and the city of austin pays 75% of the cost.  that's right, seventy five percent!  I think that is the highest rebate program in the nation.


our volunteer tomatoes are gonna kick in and contribute some fruit!  yes, it's a fruit.  unless you are consuming the leaves.  but the round part that has seeds is a fruit.

our basil has provided us with frargrant leaves all summer long.  now if I just had those goats back to provide some cheese...

my daughter's favorite thing to eat: fresh sliced tomato, basil leaf, and whole milk mozzarella (the sort that comes in a ball)  drizzle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh garlic.  she simply calls this, "THE APPETIZER".



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