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acl three day wristband (the music entry)

this weekend is the austin city limits festival, we have our three day passes.  we considered selling our tix for this year.  then we recalled how much the kids enjoyed the flaming lips show from last year.   we had bought the kids handheld LED light toys to use if they got bored.  but soon as the lips came out, wayne in his gerbil ball, the kids dropped those trinkets and were all smiles and big eyes.  I just found this video that must have been taken over the tops of our heads.  you can see wayne in the gerbil ball.  if you've never seen them live, the video can be a bit confusing.  yes, there are about 20 santa claus on stage, along with 20 alien faced women in skimpy futuristic santa-ish suits.  also a giant dancing alien, confetti cannons, captain america...

the kids still talk about that show.  life is mostly down hill after something of that scale.

when the kids and I recently picked my mom up at the airport they were naturally excited to see her.  my son wanted to tell her all that had happened in his life.  he tried to tell her about our new house, she'd been here.  he then started to tell her about our dogs, their names and what they looked like etc.  she told him she's met the dogs.  he thought long and hard.... "YOU HAVEN'T SEE MY WHEEL-CO BEEN FORE!"  it was true.  mom had not yet heard the new Wilco CD (link is to a vw ad using a new wilco song).

he LOVES wilco.  several times a day he asks if he can play the "WHEEL-CO"  he can successfully turn on my ipod and navigate to his selection.

my custom made ipod boom-box above

back when we were starting to pack up the house on scenic brook I had brought an old sony turntable down from the attic.  I had received it for christmas back when I was still in high school.  I also found a box of vinyl records (what we used before mp3 and before cd).  most of the records were from the year I spent in solitary at arkansas state university.

I decided I'd give a few a spin.  the turntable had a horrible rumble.  I took it apart to clean and couldn't get it working again after.  but the idea had been planted.  I was soon viewing vintage dual turntables; I seem to gravitate to the odd german engineered items.  and after a good bit of info gathering I finally settled on a used thorens.  I was lucky to find that the harmon kardon receiver that was used to power our outdoor speakers also had a nice phono function and amp was two chanel.  we spun records!

the kids were drawn to the spinning discs.  I was delighted to find that The Clash: COMBAT ROCK sounded great, THE FAITH album by The Cure is still fantastic and I can still listen to the smiths all day long.  BIGMOUTH STRIKES AGAIN by the Smiths, was the first song to strike a chord with the kids.   soon they refused to shower unless they were first allowed dance to it.  it became "the shower song".  then one eve I asked if they wanted to hear something spoooky.  of course they did!  six months later and the kids still refuse to shower unless I first play Nemesis by shriekback (video might not be for everybody).  more than once I've observed my son at the playground stomping and singing "everybody happy as the dead come home"

but this evening we'll be at acl taking in the LCD soundsystem, yo la tengo are sunday early afternoon and wilco play sunday eve.

on my ipod play list,

beat happening , jonathan richman and local band the black angels have all been frequent listens during my evening glass of wine/prepare dinner ceremony. 



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