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December 28, 2006

last piece of MDO

all the MDO is up.
  all the nail holes are getting filler and the seams caulked.

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December 26, 2006

falling into place

in a few days it will be a new year.  it seems we've got all known major obstacles cleared and I expect to see some major progress in the first two weeks of 2007.  set to go are HVAC ducting, TPO roof membrane and flashing, sliding glass doors etc.  it will be great to be weathered in as winter weather can see temps that fluctuate wildly along with somewhat regular rain. 
the stone exterior is up!

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December 22, 2006

rock climbing

the stone wall is going up fast.  these guys really work hard. 
it will get to the top by end of day.  I'd love to go by and take a pic but traffic is brutal.  everybody, his brother and all their cousins must be trying to get into barton springs mall.  it makes the usual rush hour pleasant.
shannon was there keeping the MDO moving.
we love the stone.  I think we might find some area for more of it.

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December 21, 2006

dude, I'm so stoned

masons expect to be done tomorrow.
fencing guys finished today.  schusterHOUSE on this side, hairdressers on the other.
we've had a few days of rain.  the MDO application was set on hold.  it should start back up tomorrow.

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December 18, 2006

slap me some MDO and fence me in on the side

shelter crew is applying the MDO.  it looks great with each piece seperated by flashing.
they are just shooting nails in to get it hung.  I think the olive looks great with the cedar and the charcoal flashing detail.
there is a business bordering our south property line.  some sort of hair salon; and those who know me are aware of how I feel about hairdressers.  my wife was uncomfortable about their customers being able to see into our back yard.  so we're fencing them off!  Jayson from zen design is working on a fence.   YES!  I still cut my own hair and refuse to pay money to cut hairs.  which may be painfully apparent to those who have to look at my head, I rarely see the back of it.  for all I know it might be really screwed up, doesn't really bother me.  the stuff just grows right out of my head.
our new front door.  this likely won't go up until after we're moved in.  we have a construction door to take abuse.
this past weekend we finally made it to the new ikea in round rock. 
I've been shopping ikeas since the late 80's, and this new store is just like all the others, maybe a bit bigger (it's texas).  I was glad that it wasn't as crowded as those bay area ikeas (sardine factory).  it's great to have one so near.  I had to keep the purchases in check since we don't yet have the new house.  have promised the kids and wife that we'll return closer to move in time.

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December 16, 2006

local wildlife

I spent most of the day handling a jack hammer.  the previous plumber had the downstairs toilet rough out too close to the wall.  anyhow, while taking a break from all that I looked out the window and somebody was looking back at me.  this happens often but I today I got the the camera before they ran off.
and I did yet ANOTHER photo stitch.  I downloaded a 15 day free trial software so I will likely be working on this for another 13 days!

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December 15, 2006

I'm in stitches

I see my stitch has bulges.  will try again next week without using a wide angle lens.

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finishing touches on cedar

most all of the second floor that faces the back (inside) has it's siding up
I recently found that mark meyer (architect) has posted a really cool photo stitch of the house.

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December 14, 2006

cedar fever

the guys have really been making some progress with the cedar siding.
I think the stone mason will start his magic pretty soon.

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December 13, 2006

siding turns a corner

this end, off the master bath, has all its siding up.
and the siding is now advancing along the back side. 
zack and I are nearly done with all the staining and priming/painting of exterior finishes.  we like the cedar with a second coat of stain.  yet upon closer inspection you can see the second coat sort of beads up.  the instructions do say that a single coat is preferred.  we chose the stain color ourselves. mark has also expressed that our choise of stain does not fall into his original design scheme.  we had no idea.  I guess we'll all just have to live with it...or not.  anyhow, so far we are happy with the colors and most everybody says the stain and paint looks great.
we received a second bid for the sliding glass doors.  it was nearly $10k higher than the first bid.  that is somewhat of a relief as it now gives us some confidence to accept that the first bid is a decent price.  there is still some discussion about getting them to stick to the original configuration.  but either way I think we'll be moving on towards dry in.

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December 12, 2006


I was so glad to see this when I got there this morning
I know it's not much, but it's a start to finishing materials
this will be the walk out green roof/deck.  our intent is to have this covered with zoysia
there are bits of flashing going up all over. 
there is evidence that jeff the electrician has been here.  this is the master bath exhaust fan.
jimmy is making sure there is plenty of pressure on each course of siding.  this is the entry alcove, front door is to their left.
I continued to stain cedar siding and zack finished up priming the MDO and moved onto the final coat of paint.
we should note that we chose the color for the MDO.  this was not mark's choice.
today we finally got back on of the bids for the sliding glass doors that go all along the back side of the house.  the bid was a few $k more than I'd have liked.  and Mark is unhappy of how they want to divide up some of the larger sections of glass.  this whole sliding glass door business is giving me a rash.  I'm about ready to just fill the void with OSB and install strategically placed peepholes to take in back yard vistas. 
(disclaimer: I'm not talking about the dionne warwick cosmic peephole, although her's is very insightful and so far everything I've read about myself there has been 100% true)

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December 11, 2006

in the waiting room

we decided the cedar siding can benefit from a 2nd application of stain.  the biggest problem is lack of space.  so as it gets stained there is little area to set it out for drying.
that and we were also trying to get some of the MDO primed and painted.  they have been threatening to start applying either siding at any moment so I wanted to get SOME of each ready to go up.  when I left at 3:30 none of either was up and there is an ongoing discussion about the pattern and fasteners for the MDO.  at this point I don't care, I just want siding to go up.
there is a good deal of flashing and trim to be put up.  that was happening today.
and it looks like we are near to being able to close the front door.  although we still have massive expanses of open area until we find a sliding glass door installer.
and another only in austin arrangement, my helper in all of this painting and staining was a member of gwar!  he was the flattus maximus character seen below. 

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December 08, 2006

digging in

we have a trench for the utilities.
doggie door gets it's first use
cedar siding receiving stain
MDO siding arrived
we lost a few days this week just waiting for the cedar to arrive.  supplier had run out and let us believe they were delivering it two days in a row.  still no solution to replace our sliding glass doors installer.  we currently have four bids out.  really, it shouldn't be this hard.  and once we do get bids and select an installer I understand it will be at least seven days from then before the glass will arrive.  I think I will have a small celebration once we finally get them in.

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December 04, 2006

bits and pieces

the skylight over the first floor shower is framed in.
the VERY heavy and very large window that goes at the highest point of the house is in.  this was no small task.  a big thanks for those four guys willing to get on the skytrack in freezing temps to get this beast into place.
the doors off the master bath are up. 
the kids have learned to entertain themselves on site.  they build boats from chunks of styrofoam and float them in the flooded shower pan.  they have this "football" game played with a roll of blue foam gasket and large kicks.
just like the monkey bars at the playground
sweat equity, we've started the excavation for the koi pond
looking west from the master bed area I noticed a neighbor has a working windmill.
kat stained the doors and installed the kwikset locks, elmer fudd assisted.
a huge thanks for the locksets to kevin and shirley of rancho santa margarita, ca.
central control
realizing that the kids need a safe, clean and warm place to spend time while on site we've brought the teardrop trailer for their use.  now playing; CARS and OVER THE HEDGE
sun starting to set.  time to pack it up for the day.  siding is scheduled to start going up today.  and we expect a trim piece that was missing to install the final window.  UPS man tried to deliver it friday but left his yellow slip and not the package.

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