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November 28, 2006

more windows and nobody home

the window box that will cantilver out over a koi pond is being used as intended.
we have a wall to frame in our entry.  this is looking from the screen room towards the front door.  this is the first wood framing.
most all of the windows are in.
stopped by the site today and found the chain across the entry was up and nobody working.

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November 22, 2006

lowered sill plates

windows should slide in without any more hassles, the bottom plate has been lowered (line on column is old height).  I sure wish we'd have had windows installed before turkey day.... but patience is required to be in great supply for this sort of operation.  they should be installed on monday.  we receive our first set of doors next wed; week from today. 
I am so looking forward to being able to go inside and close the doors and windows.  although another setback is being worked out.  our installer for the numerous massive sliding glass doors has taken on a new job.  they are doing all the glass for the domain and can't spare a single crew for a single day.  this really sucks because we thought this was all lined up and now we need to find somebody asap.  I guess we fall behind neiman marcus in priority.  this sliding glass business is all that will stop us from achieving dry in very soon.

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November 21, 2006


first we had white with broad silver stripes, then came black with silver polka dots, now we have pinstriped!
preparing for the various exterior treatments.
several big brains had a pow-wow on site today.  a few fingers were pointed and blames accepted.  in the end a fix for our windows was issued and a crew is to arrive tomorrow morning to put this issue behind us.
we also ran into an inspector who was sent by the bank.  we've had a recent problem with the bank not wanting to release funds.  more finger pointing.  inspector says it's the bank, bank says inspector does not understand our design and building system.  I can see how somebody unfamiliar with our home would think we are missing wall sections.  the truth is that framing is pretty much complete.  open sections are screen room or glass sections.
we are in conversation with the mason for the stone that will cover up this section of black w/ polka dots.  mason suggested synthethic stone.  I'll admit the stuff looks great and is exactly what I had in mind.  further investigation has turned up that it's more expensive than real stone.  the main advantage is that it weights about 10% of real stone.  that is not really a benefit for us since we have a stone ledge formed into the foundation.

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November 20, 2006

a window to the world

windows going in slowly.  some have fitment issues.  I'd offer to get in there w/ my 20 lb sledge and angle grinder but it's not for me to make it work. 

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November 17, 2006

full felt jacket

we should be ready for windows and doors going in next week and framing inspection is near.

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November 15, 2006

hgtv fire scene, take one.. and..ACTION!

yesterday, we had some action at our house we are living in.  we were expecting a crew from HGTV to arrive after noon.  just a bit after 10 my mother (she and her new husband were graciously spending her honeymoon doing a quick clean up) noticed a vehicle roll to a stop just in front of our home, smoke started to come from the engine area.  it was on fire. 
I grabbed a camera and my brother Phil grabbed his hose.
the guy who had just bailed out of his burning truck had this to say about my brother's actions, "OK, even I gotta admit, that's pretty funny"  Phil offered the guy a tecate and he was unsure if he should accept one at 10:30 AM while he watched his truck burn to the ground.  so my brother admitted that in all this excitement he'd also be putting one down his pie hole.  so they started on the beer soon as the fire was extinguished.
fire truck arrived to finish the job
HGTV crew arrived shortly after the tow truck drug the smoldering heap away. 
 we'll be on the "what you get for the money" program featuring $200k homes.
back to the schuster modern house in WLH; after my mom got married they had a reception at Ruggles.  I was excited that I could see our new home from their front windows!  this was a complete surprise to us.  we've also discovered that ruggles has a fantastic happy hour, great food at half price.
what a joy to be able to enjoy happy hour and fine dining while being able to see the house.
here is a pic I took from ruggles

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November 13, 2006

wrapping it up

I should note that I got a new camera (used, but new to me).  I've no figured out that the new images are larger and my standard reduction of 25% is still leaving them too big.  so what you see here are cropped by the blog template.  to see "the whole picture" try a right click and select "view image".  
modal is nearing the end of their phase of the project.  the pic below is looking up at towards the butterfly roof in the tower.
the decking makes the downstairs rooms seem more spacious

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glulam is up

this went up at about noon on friday.  the modal crew worked saturday and got most of the butterfly roof up that sits on this punched up portion of the house.

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November 09, 2006

so much..

I like these days when I see so many changes I have a hard time noting them all. 
I was told the glulam will go up tomorrow, without the use of a crane!  I wish I knew exactly when this would go up as I'd like to see that!
cross bracing is up.  I hope this will eliminate any sway.
we are almost fully covered by roof!  after the glulam goes up we should have it made in the shade.

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November 08, 2006

stuff going up

all the sudden it seems there is a lot going up at once.
modal using their egyptian method.
notice the styrofoam strut
and the shelter load up some decking
a great deal more steel studding is up

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November 07, 2006

parking lot

lately it seems there are many cars at the site. 
shelter crew is about ready to start laying the deck surface.  which is made from recycled plastic grocery bags.
and modal is about ready to apply the SIP roof panels to the other section of the house.

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November 06, 2006

slow but steady...

shelter continues to build the decks, modal continues to erect wall and roof panels.
below is shannon being very careful.  his wife called just as I took this pic.  he was very patient considering his precarious situation.
the roof/deck panels over the media room
glulam has arrived
kids testing the structall roof panels, or she might be levitating....

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November 02, 2006

CRANE!? we don't need no stinking crane.

roof panels are going up. 
I'm pretty sure this is exactly how the egyptians would have placed SIP panels
the shelter crew consulting with mark on the deck that runs all along the back side of the house
this would be the view from over the head of the bed in the master suite, without the scaffolding
this would be the view from the master bath, without the back of mark's head
and this would be the view from the bed in the master suite, without the three tejano hardhats
and I STILL don't like heights
the last batch of windows arrived today.  this whole phase seems to be nearing completion.  I am so ready for dry in.  I'm going to check in on a front door tomorrow and it's time to start finding somebody to fabricate the stairs.

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November 01, 2006

windows, wood and weather

it's getting chilly outside and we're anxious to get to dry in.  I've been told roof panels will go up any time now.  if we have no rain I believe that it will happen by end of this week.
we have some windows on site
panels continue to go up. 
mark was hashing out some details with the hvac guy; tyler (has no website on his card for me to link to).  he was very appreciative that he was included this early in the process.

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