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hgtv fire scene, take one.. and..ACTION!

yesterday, we had some action at our house we are living in.  we were expecting a crew from HGTV to arrive after noon.  just a bit after 10 my mother (she and her new husband were graciously spending her honeymoon doing a quick clean up) noticed a vehicle roll to a stop just in front of our home, smoke started to come from the engine area.  it was on fire. 
I grabbed a camera and my brother Phil grabbed his hose.
the guy who had just bailed out of his burning truck had this to say about my brother's actions, "OK, even I gotta admit, that's pretty funny"  Phil offered the guy a tecate and he was unsure if he should accept one at 10:30 AM while he watched his truck burn to the ground.  so my brother admitted that in all this excitement he'd also be putting one down his pie hole.  so they started on the beer soon as the fire was extinguished.
fire truck arrived to finish the job
HGTV crew arrived shortly after the tow truck drug the smoldering heap away. 
 we'll be on the "what you get for the money" program featuring $200k homes.
back to the schuster modern house in WLH; after my mom got married they had a reception at Ruggles.  I was excited that I could see our new home from their front windows!  this was a complete surprise to us.  we've also discovered that ruggles has a fantastic happy hour, great food at half price.
what a joy to be able to enjoy happy hour and fine dining while being able to see the house.
here is a pic I took from ruggles

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