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January 30, 2007

indoors vs outdoors

this is indoors
this is outdoors.  there are still a few pieces of glass to go in.  already there was a 10 degree difference from inside and outside.  I hear one of the pieces of glass was the wrong size and won't be in until feb. first.  isn't that around the corner?
both plumbers and jeff the electrician were getting it done.
a little plumber crack action
and here is philip sealing up the parapet walls around the walk out green deck

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January 29, 2007


soffit around the media room is up.  starting to prepare for the drywallers.
glass installers did not return today.  the sky was sorta gray and it was a bit cold...
but plumbers were there laying pipe like madmen.

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January 26, 2007

shower voyeur

plumbers are working at a blazing speed.  this is the view from the roof deck looking down through the skylite into the first floor shower.
plumbers expect to have rough out completed next week.
we have a construction door up.
the scuppers on the roof are being reworked. 
this green deck area wil be getting a roll on membrane.  also found out we do not have a TPO roof that we thought we were getting.

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January 25, 2007


the emmmm-deee-ohhhh
erosion, need some ground cover.  el nino year?
sliding glass door installers have arrived.  somehow I had the impression that they would show up with 6 or more guys and knock it out in a day or two.  installer laughed and said that mgmt can sit inside and say anything they feel like over a telephone.  he expects to be completed by end of next week.  progress is progress so I'm not complaining.
this is the second truck belonging to the glass company I've seen that has a broken windshield.

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January 23, 2007

tipping point?

arghhh matey, I'll make ye walk the plank
met with tom from action mechanical services today.  went over the install of our very substantial kitchen exhaust hood.  also met with Jim from spring branch trading company.  finalizing a deal to have them build the garage.  mostly trying to be patient.  expecting some action tomorrow.  stay tuned.

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January 22, 2007

another monday

shelter crew was finishing up polygal install when I stopped by today. 
I'm tempted to stop by some evening and blast a shop light on the inside of this wall to see it light up like a lantern.
HVAC duct crew is nearly done.  I understand plumbers and electricians don't like to do much till HVAC ducting is done first.

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January 19, 2007

polygal is our gal

the exterior tripple walled polygal is up.  it's definitely not a look you see every day.  I'm pretty confident that we've got the only house on the block that has two 20 ft transluscent wall sections.
in the pic below you can see light from the back yard filtering through
and from the inside you definitely see the difused light filling the space and making silhouettes of the crew.
shelter crew putting up scaffolding to apply interior twin walled polygal.  I think they have learned to ignore my flash.  at least nobody has protested as of yet.
since this past christmas my son rarely looks up.  it seems this device has been attached to his hands and commands a great deal of his attention. 
we have a vibrant art community here in austin.  some starving artists even work day jobs in construction.  here, the artist has signed his piece but failed to properly title it.  I think we will call it MAN WITH DECONSTRUCTED EYE.

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January 18, 2007

the polygal is here, the polygal is here!

it was great to see this finally arrive.  the scaffolding has been moved in order to facilitate it's application.  they were putting a lot of thought into making the first cut.  you don't get second chances and the stuff is not cheap.  they hoped to have some up by end of today.
the neighborhood looked like a war zone with all the trees that had fallen down from all the ice. 
we had one casualty.  a small oak that was near the end of the master suite.

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January 16, 2007

ice and snow delay

everything is on hold due to weather.   I can't get over to the new house to take a pic so this is our house where we are living now.
the kids are excited about the snow but it's a bit frustrating.  I've anxiously been awaiting the polygal and it is in town and ready for us.  but this weather has everything shut down.
I spoke to the sliding glass door guys on friday and they have the glass for our job.  they were just waiting for the frames.  they fully expected to receive them friday.  it looks as if this ice will continue through wednesday. 

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January 12, 2007


it looks a bit chaotic. 
the hvac duct crew is moving fast.
all three bathroom fans are vented to the outside.  for the upstairs two bathrooms they vented either down or to a side wall instead of going through the roof.
the area around the sky light above the downstairs shower has been roofed.
one of my favorite stones

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January 11, 2007

parking lot full of trucks

lots going on today.   already needed more parking and only one of the vehicles belonged to me.  we had three seperate crews there and it was a bit chaotic.  Action Mechanical Services had a crew there working to get ducting in. 
nice ladder technique.  maybe his doesn't have that warning sticker on it.
Jeff the electrician has been busy.  he's also an artist...
shelter crew has installed the final window! 
 they'd been waiting to install this one due to the need for saffolding and time it takes to move and set it up.  soon they'll be installing the metal siding so it made sense to go ahead get it in place.
I anxiously await the sliding glass door installation.  winter weather is coming and I want to define indoor and outdoor weather.

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January 10, 2007

up and down actions

we have temporary stairs.
green roof/deck is all bathtubbed and ready for dirt/sod
and a bit of abstraction.  this is a pic of something that arrived yesterday.  can you guess what it is?  nobody ever did find that "B" in the concrete and claim their prize.  I guess we'll just have to drink that tacate ourselves.

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January 09, 2007

we have a roof over our heads!

the SIP panels have been up there for a while.  but they require a roof membrane to keep water out.  today we did receive our TPO roof. 
 this is the first component toward dry in that I was looking to happen early this month.  the sliding glass door installer is waiting on the frames.  expected to arrive any time now.  we are still waiting on the stair installer to get started.  the glass folks need to get their stuff up so jimmy (shelter crew) was working on temporary stairs.  I think he was using this ladder as part of the mock-up.
moments after I took this pic somebody tried to go up that ladder.  ladder slipped out from under and all that was left of him was this stetson.
he shook it off and walked away.  he was quick to climb a different ladder to retrieve his hat.  another close call.
so we went up on the roof to temp fate once again.  hat remained on head this time.
looks like jeff the electrician has started wiring.
over the weekend kat stained the cedar beams that support the roof overhang
the walk out green roof/deck received a 2nd skin of OSB and all edges received what I will call anti-crown moulding.  the roofing membrane does not like 90 degree corners so the edges are beveled.

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January 04, 2007

capped ends

now we are ready for the roofer.  we are expecting him on monday. 
apparently if you fall from a roof and fall onto OSB decking you might leave a hole just about this big.  he's OK.  a few fractured ribs.  will be back up to speed on monday.  we're all glad that he was so lucky to take such a fall and evade serious injury.

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impress the ladies

here is a tip for you guys out there.  whip up a quick 3d model using sketchup and show it off to your significant other.  at least my wife was impressed when she saw the 3D model I made.    
this was done from memory so the scale and window placement is all off, just playing around.  still, I was surprised how close I got given my limited brain cells; as was wife.
I got started on the sketchup as my brain was coming up with uses for the scrap and surplus that is accumulating.  we don't like waste.  we have some land in wimberley where we are to store our airstream.  I hope to erect something like this

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January 03, 2007

gravity surge

we had more rain move in today.  shelter was working on applying the end trim pieces for the panels so the roofer can get his membrane down. 
the roof no longer has that "snaggle tooth" look. 
the rain and lightning caused enough concern to come down from the roof.  it was getting slippery and the ladder did slip and down came a crewmember.  he was able to walk away from the fall and I hope he's not too sore tomorrow and has no fractured ribs etc.   it's just a house and I don't want any humans harmed in making it.

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