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truck stop

friday afternoon I was returning a rented 45kw generator.  I was low on fuel.  at the intersection of ben white (290w) and I35 I felt the truck lose power.  I coasted to the shoulder and saw a gas station 1/4 mile up on the opposite side that did sell diesel.  I jogged over, bought a plastic can, filled it, jogged back.  the truck gets about 17 miles per gallon average (20 mpg not towing).  so I figured my gallon would get me to the next station on our side of the road.  I almost made it and lost power again.  this time I was in the middle of a busy intersection at 4 pm.  I was about 75 yards from my next diesel source.  once again filled my one gallon can, got the truck to the station.  filled both tanks.
but this did not cure my situation.  truck was running but still had little power.  seemed to be running on four (should be eight).  I was very near the generator store so we set off once again.    I was relieved to see my destination.  my plan was to get that generator off and call AAA to come get the truck.
then I noticed that my generator store was in fact an electrical supply place, I had turned in one driveway too soon.  that driveway was downhill and the truck just couldn't seem to reverse with that generator weight on the tongue.  to complicate things further they were loading a truck at the electrical place and I was now blocking their driveway.
so now I drug the kids to the generator place on foot.  I begged for assistance and they were quick to help me out.  Brooke escorted the kids into the conference room, started up a curious george video and issued paper and markers.  they were instantly comfy and happy.  the guys in the shop got their forklift out into 5 pm friday rush hour traffic and removed that generator from my crippled powerstroke
finally I was able to unclog the electrical company driveway and wait for AAA in comfort back at clifford.  kat was quick to journey across town and pick us up.  she hardly got lost at all.  horay kat!
what a day. 
this week the structural steel is scheduled for deliver and erection of the actual house to begin.
stay tuned.
below is the only pic I could find of our truck.  it's a 1995 ford f350 crew cab (four doors and seating for 6) with the long bed.  it's sort of like driving a train and not suited for mixing with regular sized vehicles.  the type of truck that is so long I can't take just one parking spot without the back end sticking out.  but it makes a great tow vehicle for our airstream
update:  mechanic says truck is running great.   said it likely had an air pocket in some injectors.  the remedy was to let the engine warm up then turn it off and let it sit for a few hrs (which I apparently did on friday).  at least there will be no repair bill and I will be more carefull to not let it run low on fuel. 


Reminds me of our old Bronco, "Bucky." RIP, old truck. It gave us many happy trips towing the boat down to Town Lake. Heck, it even made it to Canyon Lake once!

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