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heavy metal

the framing crew started today.  they were scheduled to start monday but they put it off due to rain and awaiting a septic inspection.
FIVE big piles of red iron were delivered in the morning.
then there was a delay as we needed an executive decision from mark meyer; the architect.  they found one of the mounting plates was a bit off and the slab was short by one half inch.  these were both minor issues and could easily be remedied.  but they needed confirm with mark that the fix chosen would not cuase some other problems.    mark showed up and things moved on from there.
the pic below you can see two LONG rectangular beams laying on their side.  I assume these will go under the master suite.  we have a balcony that cantilevers from there.
the very first weld for the first bit of framing.
now the septic has been inspected raymond's crew has back filled.  the big concrete boxes are gone.  just looks like a big patch of dirt with a few green pieces of plastic coming up out of the ground.  nothing out of the ordinary....

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