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aahhhrrrr...there's jewels in that there concrete (pirate talk)

Today Pal Currey arrived with his diamond head concrete polishing machine
he doesn't have a website but you can get him on the old telephone.  I know you're all going to want to give him a call; austin # 512-695-2407, dallas 214-693-9169
the girl with the brush is his helper.  the guy with the black shirt on seemed to be her helper.
they came all the way from whitney which is "way north of waco".  the drive is a/b 3 hours each way.  his end of the deal was to help her not to get lost.  I assume there is NOTHING going on in whitney. 
OK!  now on to the pics of the polished floor.  I didn't get to stay and see the completed product.  but you will get the idea of what it's gonna look like.
about half of what you see is stone aggregate from the concrete
there is a good deal of variation and I like the non uniformity.  some areas have more glass than stone, some more stone than glass and some don't have much else but concrete.  it's fun to find flecks of blue or yellow in the mix.
most of the glass is composed of recycled beer and wine bottles.  corona bottles have a painted on label.  I'll buy a 12 pack of corona for the first person who finds the "B" in the floor.
one of the septic guys has this minivan for sale.  I figured I'd give him a bit of free advertising.  he told me today it's a "super van".   the back bumper has a bit of rust and you might want to remove the bumper sticker that features a skull engulfed in flames. 
he's asking $1200, has a/c cell # 512-507-8685

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