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Spooky Meatloaf for Halloween

spooky halloween zombie head meatloaf

I don't think Kat has ever really eaten meatloaf. Until recently, I know she'd never made a meatloaf. She surely doesn't like scary or gory things. Yet, she made this meatloaf for Halloween this year.  

spooky zombie halloween food meatloaf head 

We took it to our usual Halloween party with friends in Lost Creek. The spooky zombie meatloaf head was a huge hit, and tasted good too.  

inkling splatoon haloween 2018 

#2 son was Inkling, from the game Splatoon. 

sad mime of west lake hills texas 78746 

I was a sad mime.  

DDH Ghost in the Machine Parish IPA halloween 

Kat was Ghost In The Machine, Double Dry Hopped Ghost! 


The daughter was a happy pirate girl.  

purge halloween costume austin tx lost creek 

#1 son refused to get into costume, one of his friends joined us for Trick or Treat. There was a break in the rain and we were treated to an amazing sunset.  

fall foliage austin texas red bud island 

We do get a few Fall colors here in Austin/Westlake. This is the low water crossing by Red Bud Island. The water is still murky and flowing fast with all flood gates remaining open.  

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