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Challah if you got to...

Every once in a while, Kat gets bitten by some kitchen bug. She's highly motivated now that's she's found a series of instructional videos that are in Chinese and metric.

She's also honing in on her bread making. She had been making Challah using the easy Ziploc bag method. She's found she likes the traditional method better. We have a kitchen stand mixer so it ends out being even easier than the Ziploc bag bread.

homemade challah bread 

challah bread austin westlake 78746 

She devoted most of her Sunday to the kitchen making Chinese brownies (neither real brownie or fudge but somewhere in between), two loaves of Challah, a ginger chicken and mushroom rice dish, and a salt and pepper tofu dish. I try to just stay out of her way (outside of cleaning the pots and pans). I will need to find something to occupy myself while her weekends are focused on this new cooking hobby/skill. I did make French toast from the fresh baked Challah.

challa bread french toast  

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