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Not the best.... with extra sogginess.

The best part of this past week, is that it's gone.


I did manage to get the yard mowed. I mostly worked between rain showers. Maybe I also worked some WHILE it rained. It's been so humid, it's not easy to discern between rain soaked attire and sweat soaked.


I trimmed a few trees and hauled dead wood out to the curb for the city to pick up. I did that in the rain too.  


We are seeing Fall colors creep into the green. I'm hoping for lower temps and less humidity to follow. I've been changing clothes multiple times a day with all the rain and humidity.  

I did get over to my Mom's townhouse to help get her common wall cement board siding up.

five acrew wood lost creek 

 She's real happy how it turned out. She's now considering to redo the other common wall.   

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