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David Byrne and his brain for ACL 2018

David Byrne ACL 2018 Brain

David Byrne was the best show we saw at ACL 2018. (we only went Friday) 

austin city limits festival 201 david byrne 

The sound, choreography, musicianship.... really made the day for us.  

david byrne marching band 2018 acl 

the national acl 2018 matt seemed drunker than usual 

We had mostly looked forward to The National. Matt seemed drunker than usual. It was the worst National show we've seen.  

acl 2018 food court shade tent 

The food selections were good this year. No complaints there. ALSO! They had FLUSH toilets. They were clean too.   

acl 2018 craft beer tent 

Craft beer tent didn't have many good craft beer options. Maybe I've become picky, and my expectations are to blame for any disappointment.

We stayed for Paul McCartney. We were closer to the stage than I had hoped. I knew my claustrophobia would be an issue. And the sweaty people bumping me, and the people smells... and the pushing. I did eventually yell at a guy, I really went off on him and I can't type the words I said to him. Three people near us needed medical attention (either too much consumption or heat exhaustion). Kat was very happy for the whole set. So that makes all the effort worth while.

It was a good show, but I was glad when it was over.  

Tony Garissino and Jesse Straton Band Austin Guitar 

Our guitar instructor (Tony Garossino) played at Guero's with the Jesse Stratton band this past week. The weather was just perfect. While we are not really into Country music, the dude played some good saxophone and we enjoyed the show more than we expected.

porsche 944 NA  

The 944 has been fairly reliable so far. I've been driving for a few errands. I've found it doesn't like to RE start if it sits for about an hour after a drive. It will start just fine if I let set for a couple hours. It's time to start replacing some of the old parts. I'll start with the speed and reference sensors, then the fuel pump.  


Fall weather is coming...  



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