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Turkey Fry Day of 2017 with recipe/math

My brother flew in on Thanksgiving day.

He had 48 hours to complete all his Austin festivities, we got right to work.  

 cajun fried turkey 2017 austin

Heating the oil to 385...

dropping the bird 2017  

kill the flame and slowly drop the bird (must be patted dry and fully thawed, no hidden ice/moisture in the cavity).

EDIT: the turkey is placed wrong on the bracket in the pic above, and likely resulted in the breast meat being overcooked, not as juicy as it should be. The turkey should be placed breast down, ass up 

fried turkey math recipe austin modhouse

Watch the temp, when it drops to 275, reignite the flame and maintain the temp between 275-280. 

Never fry a bird greater than 15 lbs. Fry for 3 minutes per pound, plus 15 minutes. The bird was injected with fat and spices the day before. Our turkey was 13 lbs, so we fried it for 54 minutes.  We used Siri to track the time.

About forty four minutes in, I noticed the bird was floating. I suggested removing it early, but Siri was confident we should stick with the plan.  We waited a bit longer..,

cajun fried turkey recipe 2017 

over fried turkey 2017 

It was good. But I think it was over fried. I wonder if my thermometer may be off. The best bird we've done here was over 17 lbs, Greater than the recipe math allows. Nobody complained that the turkey meat was not as moist as it should be.

I left these two in charge of the Turchetta.

turchetta fry  

I failed to mention it was already fully cooked in the sous vide. It just needed to fry until the exterior was golden brown. I got caught up with green beans, and the turchetta also cooked a bit more than it should have. Nobody complained.   


pumpkin cake 

Kat made several things for the table, including pumpkin cake, cranberry brioche star, and mushroom dressing balls from the takoyaki device.

takoyaki mushroom dressing balls 

harbison cheese board vermont

We may have gone a bit over the top on the cheese board. A lot of that ended up making top shelf mac and cheese a few nights later. Harbison mac/cheese, that's indulgent for sure.  


I uncorked a bottle of Turnbull Black Label Cab I found in the pantry and we feasted... 

thanksgiving 2017 austin modhouse 



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