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30 years ago, in Dallas...

around 30 years ago, I lived in Dallas. There was a big industrial music scene at that time. We attended a Revolting Cocks show that would be difficult to describe. Revco reunited and returned toDallas to play their Big Sexyland.

The guys are still alive and not fat. I'd call that a success. 

I was skeptical about the show. But I'll admit the band sounded great, the songs were still fun.

revolting cocks dallas 2017 paul barker chris connelly 

Paul Barker and Chris Connelly 

richard 23 revolting cocks dallas 2017 

Richard 23 and Paul Barker 

I had planned to go back to the hotel after the show. But somehow we hooked up with Adrian, and didn't make it back till after 2. That wouldn't be a big deal as I was hoping to sleep in. But that didn't happen. The alarm clock in the Aloft Hotel (Love Field) went off at 5:15 AM. I fumbled around till it went off. I must've hit snooze because it went off again at 5:20. I removed the plug that time. Then Troy's phone alarm went off at 6:20, I managed to get that off. The maid started knocking on the door at 8 AM. I ignored it and tried to go back to sleep. She came back to knock again at 8:15. I ignored her again but this time she used her key to walk in, at 8:15 AM! I had a 11 AM checkout time! I was not happy, not at all. I got dressed, grabbed the alarm clock and went to the lobby to complain. They were not too interested, "they're not supposed to do that" was the response I got, Yeah... I sort of got that.

I found out our friends Jason and Holly were staying at the same hotel this weekend. I told them about my experience, warned them about the alarm clock. They thought it was funny... until their alarm clock went off at 4:45 AM. Dallas Aloft Love field, get a handle on your housekeeping staff! 

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