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Project Bike update #2

vintage cannondale mtb project

This was a big weight loss upgrade, Street Tires! and new tubes.

I ordered some tires that were better suited for pavement or hard packed surfaces. We don't really go down any rough downhill off-road paths. 

Each old tire/ tube combo was 3.9 lb! (7.8 lb combined).

Each new tire/tube is 1.3 lb (2.6 lb combined). The old tubes had been filled with a gel to prevent flats... I had wondered why that bike was so much heavier than it was supposed to be.

The new weight comes in at UNDER 25 lb! I took it for a quick uphill ride and it was notably faster due to the tires and weight loss.

Exact weight today is 24.86. I've taken it to Monkey Wrench Cycles to have them replace the rusty quil/stem and handlebars.  

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