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Palo Verde tree shuffle

The process for acquiring the Palo Verde tree was arduous.  First I had to clear a section of yard, then level it, then build the box, haul in a couple tons of soil.

We went to our regular local garden supply store to get a Palo Verde. They had one, priced at $469... that was sort of a deal breaker. We regrouped and settled on a shoestring acacia. The local vendor had none, and they didn't plan to receive any more. I got on the phone and called our preferred garden store, that is a bit further out. They DID have ONE Shoe String Acacia, $79. I raced over and bought it.

As I was loading up the Acacia, I noticed another tree. The label read "Blue Palo Verde $120". 

I eventually went back and bought the Blue Palo Verde. Later that week I needed some Silver Pony Foot. Once again my local store was sold out, I made the trek to the other store and bought some. While there... I saw a beautiful tree. The label read "Palo Verde $120", and it was much taller than the Blue Palo Verde I now had planted in my box.

This weekend, Kat and I returned to the Natural Gardener. We returned the Shoestring Acacia (I believe it was cursed as it caused so many problems), and we purchased the Palo Verde with a 10% off sale going on.

palo verde tree west lake hills 

It's not easy taking a picture of a GREEN (Verde) tree with a green background. Everything here is green and it's beautiful. 

palo verde green trunk tree desert museum 

The striking feature of the Palo Verde is the bright green trunk. This tree is leafless much of the year and can photosynthesize through its trunk.  

palo verde tree austin texas 

blue palo verde 

the Blue Palo Verde moved to the front yard. We spent all of two minutes selecting a location and in it went. Too much thought about trees has been burdensome. I'm glad to have this all settled and we can hopefully start to enjoy the fall weather.


kay-so big fat kitty titties 

Kay-so is enjoying it so far. She loves to sun her big-kitty-titties.  

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