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Fall arrives in Central Texas, the grass is greening

We had a good rain, followed by a cold front. It's becoming nice to be outside. The grass is green, I will need to mow this week. I'm behind on two projects and I've started a third. My week days are often sliced up into small segments, creating difficulty to find a block of time to progress. I hope to get at least one project completed this week. But look at how nice our yard looks now... So many things to occupy the eye.

austin modhouse back yard sculpture paul schuster 

I am also enrolled in a sculpture class that meets once a week. I might be the youngest person in the class. I've been welding for more than twenty five years. When the instructor is busy, some of the other students have learned they can rely on me to help if they have a problem with their welder. I like being useful.

While they were learning how to weld, I made something with scraps found in the shop (below).

floral metal sculpture 


I started to work on a larger piece in the class. One of the older ladies looked at it quizzically, squinted her eyes and asked "What's it FOR?". I gave pause, looked at the beginning of my creation, looked back at her as she patiently waited for my response.... "It's for looking at", I concluded.  



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