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Bike project update #1

The first update on the Cannondale project bike involved replacing the massive comfort gel saddle with a light weight one. I also replaced the seat post with a carbon fiber post.

cannondale restobike 

Old seat: 769 gm, old post 339 gm for a total of 1,108 Grams/ 2.44 lb 

New seat 240 gm, new post 216 gm for a total of 366 Grams/ .8 lb

Weight savings of 1.64 lb

That was a substantial weight savings that was relatively easy and not too spendy (around $44 for both seat and CF post) 

We also picked up a digital luggage scale to more accurately weigh the bikes. Current weight is now 30.26 Lb, that puts a corrected beginning weight closer to 32 Lb.

While I was weighing bikes, I put my early 90's Marin on the scale, with its CroMo steel frame, 29.03 lb. That was a little discouraging as I'm still not lighter than my vintage steel framed bike.  

Other items I could swap out are tires, quill and ford, and handle bars. The fork and quill are the most problematic as standards have changed since this bike was new and prices for those parts are greater.

#1 son has grumbled that he prefers his Cannondale in VT over his Specialized Hardrock here in TX. I weighed the Specialized at 29.34 lb. I suspect the difference he feels is more about the tires. His bike in VT has a smoother street tire that surely rolls faster. I think I'll replace the tires on the Cannondale project bike, and see how he likes it.  

Reader, did you come here seeking info on modern home design and construction? Many of you did, a long time ago.  We are hoping to have more of that type of content in the coming years. Otherwise, you will have to be sidetracked with bikes, beers and whatever else is the fancy of the week. But know that I haven't forgotten that this blog started with modern home design and build.


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