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Eclipse and Huricane in the same week...

 eclipse 2017 austin texas 78746

While I had no plans to actually observe the eclipse, I realized I had welding helmet and glass on hand. The daughter and I did get to see it. I managed to get the image above with the welding glass and utilizing the Manual feature of the camera. It came in handy to understand exposure. That's how we did it before the cameras made all the big decisions themselves (beware the digital overlords!). 

oak tree trimming season west lake hills tx 78746

It's oak trimming season here in Central Texas. I spent most of the week trimming and cutting. Now that Harvey has passed, I see I will have another week of the same. At least the temps have dropped.  


We were shut in most of the weekend. The rain was constant. My lawn was mostly brown and crunchy from the summer heat. Harvey was helpful in that regard, it's all greening up again.

Mostly we got caught up on the original Twin Peaks series, ate food and worked on my NEIPA stash from Vermont. I don't do well being stuck indoors or seated in one place for long periods. I'm a poor fit for a desk job, extreme weather, sporting events and ceremonies. I came up with a few excuses to get out of the house this weekend.  

We did manage a quick trip to our local for a pint, one of my favorite pastimes.  

pinthouse pizza electric jellyfish austin tx neipa

I was anxious to see how it was after spending the summer with Hill Farmstead and Alchemist readily available to me. I'll say that Electric Jellyfish can hold its own against  highly rated New England India Pale Ale (NEIPA).

The Rate Beer ratings are posted/linked below

Heady Topper:100 

Susan: 100 

Society and Solitude (seven): 99 

Electic Jellyfish: 97 

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