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Cochon 555 Austin and TRACE Ice Cream Social

It is really hot back here in Austin, TX, triple digits each day. I get up and work outdoors in the yard till lunch time. Then I'm worn out for the rest of the day. This can't be healthy.

BUT, we have enjoyed some gluttony, The Cochon 555 is part cooking competition. and part fancy food buffet with open bar. 

cochon 555 butcher austin

They also featured a butchering demonstration, if there was ever any doubt where your pork meat comes from...  

cochon 555 head austin 

cochon 555 austin 

tartare bar cochon 555 austin 

shishito peppers cochon 555 austin 

cochon 555 cocktails austin 

calf brain tacos cochon 555 

I di not try the calf brain tacos... 


Some of the wine vendors started to run out and disappear. We took control of the situation... 

wine takeover 

wine pirate 


We also took the kids to the TRACE W Hotel Ice Cream Social: 

TRACE W Hotel Austin Ice Cream Social 

trace austin ice cream social 

TRACE Icea Cream Social Austin 

A great way to beat the heat! 


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