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Westlake FIFO (first in, first out)

While the daughter is out of Westlake High School, #1 son is heading in. He has graduated HCMS.


HCMS 8th grade graduation 2017 

I only get ONE shot at pictures. If I ask for a second try, I get an abrupt refusal. I end up using editing tools to make every shot count.

We took everybody out to a nice restaurant downtown for dinner to celebrate the two graduations this year.

sennheiser headphones  

He got a set of Sennheiser headphones. They match his preferred color palette of Red/Black.


I got caught sneaking the pic above and I was scolded! He got so upset with me...  


real smiles! 

It's a rare treat to get a pic where they are all laughing and smiling at the same time.  

The Daughter has enjoyed a school provided IPad for the last seven years. We got her an IPad PRO (large) complete with the Pencil, and fancy keyboard case. 

ipad pro box looks like a pencil 

We joked that it's a fancy stick (cover of the box features a slim profile pic of the ipad that resembles a stick).  



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