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She's a Graduate.

For thirteen years I have driven this girl to school most every day. Going back to Kindergarten at Del Mar Elementary back in Santa Cruz. Let's have a look at her first day of school...

del mar elementary class of 2017 santa cruz 


pch 1 between santa cruz and half moon bay 

Now jump to her last day as a Senior at Westlake High School. I still drive her every day.


westlake eanes project graduation 


Westlake has this event called Project Graduation. The tickets are $100 per student. They stay up all night partying at school. The idea is to provide a safe drug and alcohol free environment for the kids to celebrate. The party has food trucks, blackjack tables,  a DJ, movie rooms, raffles with prizes such a YETI coolers and TV/monitors (I heard they gave away 26). We dropped off her bag/iPhone at the school party ahead of time. Then we stopped by Freedmen's to grab a quick $5 brisket sandwich for dinner. This has to be the best deal in BBQ brisket to be found anywhere. Look at that bark! 

freedmen's happy hour $5 brisket BBQ Austin

Then we dropped her off at Erwin Stadium. 

westlake high school eanes austin class of 2017 

We counted about 720 chairs down there. Kat was anxious since she couldn't find her in that sea of blue caps and gowns.  





westlake high school austin eanes class of 2017 graduation 

CAPS UP! Balloons down....

westlake high school graduation 2017 eanes 

and they whisked them away to the all night party at Westlake.

I picked her up at 5:30 AM this morning. In the end they returned the $100 admission. She offered to give it back to us since we paid for her party ticket. How sweet is that? I think it'd be best deposited into her college tuition account. Won't be long now... she's going to need it.

We are now in Summer trip prep mode... #2 son is counting down the days. 



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