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The Daughter and her friends took themselves to Prom

Westlake Prom 2017


prom 2017 eanes westlake  



These girls took themselves to prom. They rented their own limo, made their own dinner reservations. This is a group of smart, confident young women.  


We purchased that gown a few years back. We just stumbled upon it and the price was good. It's her color and it fit. There was no occasion, but she liked it. It was purchased and spent a few years in the closet.... waiting for an event.  



She made the bracelet. She twisted a wire and made flower shapes and braided it all together. Nail polish was applied to the flower petals.  




I asked the daughter how it was. She gave us a vague look and said "eh, it was.... interesting".  

Now on to the next event... Graduation.  

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