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Macro MOM's Day

mother's day tomahawk steak

For Mother' day, we had a surf and turf meal (steak and shrimp). Kat chose a giant bone-in tomahawk style steak. Five hours in the sous vide and it came out just how she likes it.  

sous vide steak med-rare bone in 

I used her macro camera to capture a few things I saw his week.  

macro lilly stamen 

Any new camera comes with a learning period. I finally found the menu setting to change the program modes (it's not as obvious as it could be). I think I could do a better job increasing the depth of field by using a tripod and longer shutter time. Still, these are quite interesting. It's crazy how the closer you can look at something you've seen many times before, the more detail there is to be seen.  


lilly macro close up 

Another swallowtail caterpillar in the back yard. 

macro swallowtail caterpillar Austin

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