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Slated for improvement.

slate tile wall

I've finished the black slate tile and grout up the wall behind the downstairs bathroom sink. It finished out nicely. The Hans Grohe wall mount fixture is plumbed and spewing water as it should.  

austin cotillion 2017

Cotillion 2017 has begun. #2 son got a brand new suit. He enjoys dressing up for the event, he even requested a spritz of cologne.  

austin cotillion 2017 

"May I have this dance?" 

over the top mushroom quiche 

Winter is a time for mastering kitchen methods, recipes, and baking. We are getting so close to the perfect quiche.  

mushroom custard quiche 

#1 son didn't like it.

I've been sick for most of 2017. Some days are OK, and some are difficult to get out of bed. After two full days in bed, I couldn't take it any more. I felt like I HAD to force myself to be productive. I probably shouldn't have tried to work so quickly, using power tools (router). I promptly disregarded all reasonable safety precautions. I ended up in the emergency room. The back of my hand got ripped open. I've blurred the gross parts of the image. I'm all better now.

blurred bloody hand 14 stitches 

The Dr sewed me back up (14 stitches). I'll have some nice scars to remind me "clamp the material down and keep both hands on the router".

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