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Red Envelope Season, Year of the Cock

year of the cock

Chinese New Year Eve, we went to Chinatown.  

red envelopes at chinatown westlake 

I came prepared with plenty of red envelopes for family and staff.  

gung hay fat choy chinatown westlake  

chinatown westlake austin  

mapo tofu westlake chinatown austin 

We enjoyed Chinese food, and some sushi (thanks Jorge and Gregg). 

sushi at chinatown austin westlake 78746  


Chinese New Year's Day was a big dinner at home. We had the same friends that came for regular New Years (12/30/2016-1/1/207).  

chinese new year west lake hills 78746 year of the cock 

We enjoyed chicken leg confit and quiche in honor of the Rooster and a chicken/egg theme.  

gung hay fat choy 



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