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Lederhosen and river soakin', Fall arrives to Texas Hill Country (Tesla X edition)

tesla x and airstream in the texas hill country with lederhosen

We lured another Tesla to our Wimberley camp. A Model X no less. 

oktoberfest real ale blanco tx

It was an Oktoberfest themed 20th anniversary party at Real Ale Brewing in Blanco TX. 


lederhosen at the real ale brewery oktoberfest 20th anniversary party  

heady topper in the blanco river wimberley texas 

We spent the hotter portion of the afternoon soaking in the Blanco River. I still have a few Heady Toppers left from my last Vermont trip.  

in the blanco river with my alchemist heady topper

and in BBQ news... We tried Terry Black's Barbecue 

Terry Black's BBQ Brisket Austin TX 

The brisket was good. I don't think it's better than Rudy's, but in the same range of goodness. Not quite as good as Franklin, but pretty close. We had no line to wait in and it's pretty near to our home.  

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