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Wet August in Austin and the pretty side of Houston

We returned to an August in Austin that is unfamiliar to us. There has been so much rain, everything is green. This also results in somewhat reasonable temperatures and a distinct mugginess. The milder than usual temperatures don't exclude the afternoon sun and the associated burns. Similarly, the humidity does not exclude heat exhaustion from outdoor labor.

west lke hills modern back yard austin 78746 

So many shades of green in our back yard (SEE IT BIG) 

Kat had a last minute meeting in Houston late Friday.

houston downtown Aug 2016 

Nobody wants to hear they need to go to Houston for an afternoon meeting. The traffic back would be hostile. 

I've seen the nicer side of Houston (It's real, and does exist). I suggested I could drive her to the meeting, we could go to dinner afterwards, stay the night and head home early Saturday.

We had a lovely stay at the Modern B&B. We sampled a few restaurants for dinner, but none of them really made a strong impression. The real gem was walking around the Museum District Saturday morning.

houston museum district 2016  

I think my favorite food place in Houston is the Pondicheri Food Lab on Upper Kirby. We loaded up on treats and had them back in Austin around Noon Saturday.  



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