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April 24, 2016

WTF (What The Foo) and April Birthday Bubble

Kat and I went to the furniture auction Saturday. There were three Natuzzi Chesterfield sofas crossing the auction block. The bids all went well past estimated on each. SO, that didn't work out.

Foo Lions at Austin ModHouse 

That did not exclude a couple impulse buys. Kat was the high bidder on a pair of "Foo Lions". Hand carved from solid marble, these are heavy.  They are resting here until they are moved to a more permanent location.  

Austin Mod House Foo Lions westlake  

italian MCM arm chair circa 1930 

This Italian chair from the 1930's also came home with us.

Birthday Bubble: 

bubble boy soccer 

#2 son had multiple birthday parties to attend this weekend. Including this Bubble Soccer party at the Westlake Athletic Center

westlake athletic center 

He's not into competition and quickly lost interest.  

westlake atheletic center austin   

happy birthday Heidi

Our friend Heidi also celebrated a birthday... Aaron too. 

HBD to Aaron too  

All in, we celebrated FIVE birthdays this past week.  

April 18, 2016

We Are Not Men (DEVO covergirls), recycling and battle in the rain

Recycling Metal in Austin:

eanes school field trip to austin metal recycling

Eanes field trip to Austin Metal and Iron. 

recycled radiator cores at austin metal

There is something so satisfying to see the materials compressed into bales.

recycled copper bale at austin metal

austin metal and iron recycling 

Night at the Museum: 

fancy cocktails at townsend austin on congress 

It was the closing of the Myopia (Mark Mothersbaugh) at the Jones Center. We stopped by The Townsend or a quick bite and fancy cocktail. Then we enjoyed We Are Not Men, an all female DEVO cover band. This was a great amount of fun. Really appreciated this perk for museum members.  

We Are Not Men-DEVO cover band 


we are not men- all girl devo cover band austin 


We Are Not Men- Austin Contemporary all girl devo cover band  


Epic Battle at PHP: 

epic battle at pinthouse pizza sola austin 

The rains have returned to Austin. I took the boys for an afternoon playdate at Pinthouse Pizza.  

rainy day patio at PHP S Lamar pinthouse pizza 

pinthouse pizza south lamar patio rainy day battle 


April 11, 2016

Spring flowers and ONE MORE BIKE

wildflowers austin westlake

Spring flowers are blanketing the yard. Some might be weeds, but for now, they are flowering.

wildflowers central texas austin west lake hills  

raccoon destruction of koi pond and snails 

Our local raccoon is regularly getting into the lower koi pond and causing all sorts of chaos. He messed up the pump, turned over a potted papyrus and ate a whole bunch of snails. I can see his claw marks all over the PVC pipe. 

Chinese cultural night at westlake high school austin

The daughter is enjoying her final year of Chinese language at Westlake. Seen above participating in Chinese Cultural Night. 

specialized hardrock  

This is the fourth bike I've purchased recently from ebay and craigslist. New bikes are $400-900, but I've been scooping up decent bikes for $100-200. Kat is in charge of getting her own bike. Really, when is she NOT in charge? (joke... sort of. #mightgetmyasskickedforthatone ) 

The week in beverages: 

Hops & Grains Mosaic at Blue Dahlia Westlake 

I found Kat's FAVORITE beer on tap just two blocks from the house. Hops  Grains Mosaic is $6 a pint (14oz pint) at Blue Dahlia, $5 for HH. She's not yet gone to enjoy it as she's lightening her beer consumption lately.


This year has us exploring Cotes du Rhone. We haven't had any bad ones, but we haven't had many really GOOD ones ether. I did enjoy the one above, I'd buy it again.  

April 04, 2016

Birthday Towel

birthday towel

Another birthday trip to Plucker's. What did he ask for his birthday? He asked for an alarm clock, and an adult sized towel. He no longer wants to use the kid towel with a hoodie, that makes him look like a monkey. He does set his alarm so he has extra time in the morning to dress himself and come down to help me set up the breakfast.

birthday spicy pluckers wings 

He also decided this was the day he'd eat a HOT wing at Plucker's... he did it too. We also had his friends over for a party.  

birthday magic 

We had John O'Bryant over again for magic and laughs. The kids loved it.

birthday magic John O'Bryant 

He did levitate.  

John O'Bryant birthday levitation 

birthday prize wheel 

We used the "Prize Wheel" once again, everybody went home happy.  

carpet doesn't match the drapes mustache man shoal creek 

We went out for crawfish with friends. 

shoal creek saloon crawfish austin 

and #1 son was supposed to be at his friends Bar Mitzvah... so we raced home and changed clothes. 

magic 8 ball bowling goodnight austin 

Those kids had so much fun. 

and then Sunday came, Kat and I hit an amazing sale at Macy's. We scored three comforters and six pillows fir about $70. We've been buying double of everything. I've been busy buying extra tables, extra chairs, extra bikes... we tested out the extra bikes on the veloway, everybody is happy with the bikes. Still need to buy two more. Then sunday night, we stopped at the Corner at JW Marriott. 

corner bar JW Marriott 

another week is behind us.