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March 28, 2016

Anders Osborne with Brady Blade in Austin TX 3-26-2016

Brady Blade was passing through. We had plans to catch him Saturday night at the Scoot Inn. He called that morning looking for some time away from the tour bus, and a hot shower. He spent the morning jamming with the kids. He applauded at each opportunity and showered them with gracious compliments.

Brady Blade at Austin ModHouse

I'm often trying to tell the kids to make an effort to be positive. Be nice and smile more, it becomes habit. Brady set a great example. #1 son later confided that he did take note of all the compliments Brady hands out so effortlessly.  

Brady Blade jamming with the kids in west lake hills tx 

#2 son is the child here that is most confident and ready to perform. #1 son and the daughter aren't comfortable with the attention.

The boys and I took Brady for some Taco Deli and then to the set up back at the Scoot Inn. 

Brady Blade and Eric McFadden  

Eric McFadden spent some time demonstrating his skill on the guitar and posed for a few pics with the boys. Eric offered to let #1 son play one of his custom made guitars, but he declined.

I went home and fetched the girls so we could enjoy sound check for Anders Osborne.  


schuster, paul of austin tx 

anders osborne and brady blade at the scoot inn 

Live music magic isn't all spontaneity. There is a certain element of planning and strategy to be mapped out. Guest musicians sitting in with the band are provided the insight to know when and how they will be afforded their solo opportunities. Minor song changes and queues are coordinated in advance.   

anders osborne band at the scoot inn austin tx 


Anders Osborne with the Schuster family of Austin

(BIG) Photo Courtesy of Brady Blade 

We went out for Italian food with Brady and his friend Georgia at Vespaio, then back for the show.  

anders osborne at the scoot inn austin tx with brady blade 

and Anders Osborne is a REALLY good show.  

Brady Blade with Anders Osborne austin scoot inn 

Brady Blade with Anders Osborne austin scoot inn 

scoot inn austin tx with anders osborne and brady blade 

brady blade drummer with anders osborne at the scoot inn austin tx 


anders osborne at the scoot inn austin tx 

eric with anders osborne band austin tx scoot inn 

anders osborne at the historic scoot inn austin tx 

Music is best enjoyed LIVE. The human musician element in purest form. Anders Osborn seems keenly aware that the level of musicianship he has on stage with him, is paramount to the success of his particular show and his audience. The amount of interplay and improvisation that can only be achieved from top level musicians, and a solid plan. It's clear they enjoy what they do, and endure the hardships of living on a tour bus for extended periods of time, yet smile every night as they play.  

Several years back, I worked for TOWER RECORDS \ VIDEO. We were at the top of the music retail business at that time. My supervisor, Bernadette Lee, was a Deadhead. She spent all her vacation time and money following the Grateful Dead. She'd often say "I'm chasing a song". I didn't quite get the whole "Jam Band" thing, yet I was quite intrigued by the Deadhead culture. Now, I understand what she was chasing all that time, as I enjoyed Anders Osborne do an amazing Grateful Dead cover, A Friend of the Devil (below). I didn't record the whole song, you should go to the show, and check it out for yourself. (forgive the feedback that crept in at the beginning. During sound check, Anders said "whatever you do... DON"T let this feedback!")

Easter Egg hunt at home this year.

We have traditionally camped the weekend of Easter. Camping spaces have become a real challenge to secure. It was a busy weekend at home anyhow, so we enjoyed Easter here in the mesquite patio area of Austin ModHouse.

easter egg hunt at austin modhouse 

easter egg hunt west lake hills 

March 21, 2016

SXSW 2016, I survived another one.

I survived another SXSW, but it was not easy. Each SX is a bit different. I didn't make an aggressive list of bands to chase or try to hit all the parties. I spent most of my time hanging out with friends. I did not get a break between the DC/Balto trip so I went into this deal beat down already...

I did see live music, some of which...

taylor muse of quiet company sxsw 2016 quantum collective 

Quiet Company (a rock band from Austin Texas) 

tommy blank quiet company sxsw 2016 

girls names sxsw austin under the radar 2016 

Girls Names 

wet secret sxsw 2016 canada house 

Wet Secrets

mariachi ghose canada house 2016 sxsw austin 

The Mariachi Ghost 

mariachi ghos sxsw austin 2016 canada house 

seratones sxsw 2016 austin 


peaches sxsw 2016 


cullen omori sxsw 2016 under the radar austin 

Cullen Omori 

cullen omori sxsw 2016 austin UTR 

snarky puppy sxsw 2016 umg  

Snarky Puppy 

iggy pop sxsw 2016 acl moody austin 

Iggy Pop 

iggy pop sxsw austin 2016 

mercury rev sxsw 2016 autin  

Mercury Rev

calliope musicals sxsw 2016

Calliope Musicals 


sxsw whole foods rooftop 

group hug sxsw 2016 

guero's taco bar  

big john 

wig bag sxsw 2016 

sxsw 2016 

a bit worn and weary, but we survived.   

March 15, 2016

52 hours in DC/Baltimore and the Red Envelopes.

We just got back from a whirlwind trip to DC and Baltimore. We had about 52 hours there.

white house march 2016 

w hotel dc lobby 

The W Hotel in DC sure was pretty.  

new fortune gaithersburg chinese restaurant 

The BIG event was a family reunion for Kat's Father's Birthday. We assembled for a feast at the New Fortune Chinese restaurant.  

happy birthday gon-gon 90 

Cousin time... 

cousin time 

cousin time  

cousin time 


Then it was back to their place for the "surprise". 


Daughter got some gold! 

red envelope cash NT Dollars 

The boys all received red envelopes with cash, both American Dollars and NT(New Taiwan) Dollars. 

I'm flush with new Taiwan dollars  

POV bar W Hotel 

Later that eve, Kat and I had a table at the POV bar at the W.  

POV Bar Washington DC W Hotel 

Nice view. 

washington monument as seen from the POV bar  

lincoln memorial dc 

Two more hours of site seeing in DC on day #2.  


Then on to Baltimore, where it all began... 

buther's hill, baltimore, chester street

The old house... 

father daughter 16 years ago 

sixteen years between these two pics... 


fell's point baltimore md 

Fell's Point. 

admiral fell inn baltimore 

Dropped the kids at the Admiral Fell so we could grab a pint and a steamer of shrimp at the old watering hole 

used to be jon stevens ltd, now called henry black... 

8 meat ball fell's point 

Met up with some old friends. 

cat's eye pub fell's point baltimore md 

A few hours of site seeing in Baltimore before spending the next twelve hours in airports.  

fells point cherry blossom tree baltimore 

fells point pidgeon baltimore 

fells point pier baltimore md 

falls road twisted metal handrail baltimore  

I made this twisted metal rod handrail for a house we gutted and rebuilt before we left Baltimore. Fourteen years later and it's still there. 

3341 falls rd baltimore md 

The kart racer...

It ended in tears, but it was fun up until that point. #2 son was invited to a go-cart racing party. He drove so carefully and made sure to wave at me each time he drove past.

austin indoor go cart track 

March 07, 2016

existentialistic kite flying with words of wisdom from Yoda

Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases. This is a Buddhist belief.

A similar cause and effect can be said of Expectations

I go to the kite festival with an expectation of catastrophic failure. It's something I've come to understand as the norm from experience at previous kite festivals.

"Failure is always an option"- The Mythbusters 


zilker kite festival star wars 2016

That's a big success right there! The Millennium Falcon flew well and avoided the trees, as well as other kites (mostly).

successful kite flight at zilker kite festival 2016 

Our other kite, the bee.... took flight, and quickly made a B line for the tree line. 

zilker kite festival tree failure 2016 

Expectation and desire for a tree-less flight pattern led to disappointment.  

tree climbing stranger rescues kite at zilker kite festival 2016 

Relief came in the form of a kind stranger with monkey like tree climbing ability, and a stick.  

zilker kite festival rescue 2016 

I admit, I half expected the tree limb to break, along with a few of his bones. Park Police had a similar concern and offered a few words of advice, "DON"T CLIMB THE TREES. THEY"RE PROTECTED!".  

The string was cut, kite recovered. Scissors are a very useful tool at the Zilker Kite Festival. Knotted kite strings are almost guaranteed. Any expectation of not cutting the kite string will often result in disappointment.

#1 son DID see great success with the Star Wars themed kite. It flew at the maximum height allowed by the string length. The Bee has been retired.  

#2 son DID fly the Millennium Falcon kite. But he gave up quickly. His expectation that kite flying was easy proved to be unfounded. He expressed his dissatisfaction to his mother causing a domino effect. Her desire and expectation to make him happy with kite flying led to disappointment.

MEANWHILE! I declared Zilker Kite Festival of 2016 a success! We left the park with BOTH kites in tact and one had  flown to such great heights.

All was not lost... We managed to rescue a rather crappy weekend with a few old tricks... 

hops and grains pale mosaic austin beer brewery 

SMILE! Her favorite Mosaic, straight from the source! We stopped at the Hops and Grains for a fresh one.  

chinatown westlake jorge uni sushi 

After a Mosaic, we paid Jorge a visit at Chinatown Westlake.  

sushi jorge chinatown westlake austin 

Expectations were met. It was all good. Some times things work out well. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I see a lot of Mosaic and Sushi in our future.

no name roll #2 jorge sushi chinatown westlake austin truffle mayonnaise 

This is "No-Name Roll #2". Our regular "no-name roll" is going to appear on the menu as "Picture Roll". Apparently somebody likes to take pictures of their sushi... NN-Roll #2 features a drop of truffle mayonnaise on the top. Kat approved.  

mismatched flipflops dumbass 

Expectations that the application of sandals in the dark will result in a matched pair will result in disappointment and suffering.

Other expectations that can lead to frustration and disappointment,

Dinner plans: Expectations that dinner will happen on time, or at all.

It's great when plans work out. The reality is that there is always a fair chance plans won't work out. It's great when plans unfold as expected, but it should be seen as a treat, not something we are entitled too.

Communication: Expectations that the words issued will result in the clear transfer of a thought or idea.

Miscommunication can be a frustrating, but realistic part of the human experience. Something formed in one brain, is not easily relayed to another. It should be assumed that verbal expressions of ideas are received as a  gobbledygook of symbols or sounds that don't reform in an intelligible manner. It's a great accomplishment to be able to transfer a thought or idea. But if it's an expectation, it can lead to disappointment and suffering. Expectation and desire to clearly communicate a thought from one brain to another are as likely as Evel Knievel jumping the Snake River. At least HE went into that deal with the understanding that his chance at success was remote. Evel kept his expectations low.

Yoda also had words of wisdom that relate to fear of loss. Although he did not necessarily apply them to kite flying or dinner dates, relevant they are:

Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed that is. Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose. ..The fear of loss is a path to the Dark Side." >> Yoda