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May 31, 2016

Lamoille Valley views...

lamoille river from the LVRT Hardwick VT


lamoille river hardwick vermont from lvrt bike trail  


May 23, 2016

Maserati SUV for 2017

We rarely drive to the northern end of town, and almost NEVER to Cedar Park. Maserati of Austin invited us to the unveiling of their 2017 SUV. They sweetened the deal with live music, food buffet and an open bar...

maserati of austin 

Maserati Levante 

Kat is standing in front of the 2017 Maserati Levante. While it was nice, I don't think we'll be trading in our X5 i35D. We were surprised to see the Maserati was in the same price range, slightly less even.

While we were up there...

soto of cedar park 

Our friends that live up north or in Cedar Park have long raved about SOTO. I've often heard it's as good as any sushi downtown, without having to drive to Austin. We live near downtown Austin so I've never seen the appeal of driving so far to get something as good as what is near. But Kat's always wanted to try SOTO so I suggested we step in and see what all the fuss was about. It was good! But not better to what we have available to us just down the street from Chef Jorge.

Daughter receives an award for Digital Design and Animation

westlake high school academic award

The Daughter received an Academic Achievement Award for her work with digital arts at Westlake High School. 

amh westlake high award 

She has given me permission to share some of her work. We rarely get to see it.  

K Schuster digital art 


k schuster digital graphic arts 


westlake k schuster art and animation 


May 16, 2016

Continuing the dairy themed cat names... Kreamer, the feral Snowshoe Siamese.

I'd noticed a feral cat living on our property for at least six months. The dogs are all gone, so the cat was becoming more comfortable. It always ran away if it saw me. I started moving slower, sitting down and slowly moving nearer. This has gone on for about a month. The cat was getting more comfortable with my presence, but I could never get near. So I used some cat food.

snowshoe siamese feral cat

I laid down in the driveway and patiently waited for a long time. I had laid a trail of kibble. She was nervous and howling and hissing at me as she gobbled down any bite she could locate.  

snow shoe siamese cat feral westlake austin 

Then I touched her, and she couldn't get enough.

feral cat friend snowshoe siamese  

She started to spend all her time howling her loud "MROWR" if I wasn't near. She often does this all night... we can hear her from inside the house. We were worried this would attract coyotes. So now she's allowed to sleep in the screen room.   

snowshoe siamese cat west lake hills 

So.... Kat named her Kreamer. Our other cat’s name is Kay-so and the previous cat was named Cheez.  

The CURE, Thirty Years of....

The CURE played for three hours, including four encores. 

 the cure at the erwin center austin may 13th 2016

I was talking to two of the security staff when their boss came over with the set list, "I've had this job for twenty eight years. Including THREE Springsteen shows! I have NEVER seen anything like THIS! (he held up the set list and started flipping pages as he shook his head in disbelief). 

mount bonnell 

We spent the weekend enjoying friends in town for the show.

thirty year reunion 

Thirty years ago, those two dudes on the left drove from Shreveport Louisiana to Dallas TX to see The CURE at the Bronco bowl. They saw and experienced so much that weekend, they felt like they were living in the wrong city. It was eye opening.

May 09, 2016

HBD Contigo with chicken feet and the Maker Faire

contigo jar of chicken feet contest

Contigo celebrated their 5th birthday. They had many contests, including a guessing game. How many chicken feet are in the jar? I don't have an answer, we didn't win.  

contigo austin 5th birthday 

The food was good and the band was fun.  

contigo austin 5th birthday party 

Despite several complaints, we made the kids go to the maker faire.  

maker faire austin 2016

Kat LOVES the Maker Faire.  

maker faire austin 2016 

maker faire austin 2016 

I also chaperoned the HCMS Orchestra competition and six flags trip. No six flags trip pics but I do have some video of their competition performance. 


"I had to get drunk just to look at your face, that was alright by me" Dean Wareham of LUNA

LUNA has long been one of our favorite live music acts. We saw them many times over the years and the daughter grew up singing along to their music. Then they called it quits. We attended one of their last shows in SF.

After a decade long break, they reunited for a tour. They sounded so good and we surely appreciated hearing all the songs we've been familiar with for so long.  

britta phillips at the mohawk 2016 austin 

Britta Phillips opened with some of her solo material.  

luna 2016 austin at the mohawk 

dean wareham and britta phillips of LUNA at the mohawk austin tx may 5 2016 

LUNA at the Mohawk Austin TX 5-5-2106 



It was a good night for us to get out.  

I didn't get any video from the show, but here is a sort of OK video somebody else shot:


May 02, 2016

Kay-So the table fed Cat

Kay-So has taken to sitting with us/on us at dinner time

kay-so the cat 

"Can I?"

table cat 

kay-so the cat licks brussels sprouts at the table 

And again, she gained access to the table, and licked on some Brussels Sprouts and Salmon. 

cactus flower austin may 2nd 2016 

The cactus on the master balcony has produced a lovely flower for you to enjoy.