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While I was there.... Hill Farmstead and Lost Nation

I found that Hill Farmstead was an easy fifteen minute drive from where I was staying in Hardwick. My day had cleared up after canceling a trip to Saint Johnsbury, so I drove my little rental up the hill.

Hill Farmstead January 2016 vermont beer 

hill farmstead brewery vermont growler fill 


hill farmstead of first and last things ipa 

I only had the one beer, and I DID get a T-shirt! 

vermont farm greensboro 

It had started snowing and all the farms looked like postcards.

slapp hill hardwick, vt 

The drive back down the hill into Hardwick.

I had one last errand to run. That sent me to Stowe. I realized I was traveling on the "IPA Highway". I did stop at one on the way back from Stowe, Lost Nation  

lost nation mosaic ipa vermont beer 

Kat's favorite IPA are made using Mosaic hops. I had their Mosaic IPA in her honor.



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