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The sunset over Hardwick Vermont and the Positive Pie

I had a few errands to run in Vermont, so I booked a room in Hardwick. I'd never been before, but have been interested in Hardwick for quite a while. Around six years ago I was watching Dan Rather on the HighDef channel in the media room. I saw the folks in Hardwick and surrounding areas explain the organic farms and the local farm to fork food scene... all the green mountains and farms had me in some sort of High Definition trance, I started researching it on the computer soon as the show ended. We've been spending time each summer in Vermont, but we never actually went to Hardwick. I went, and I liked it.

My apartment I rented was on a small maple sugar (syrup) farm that was perched on a hill over the village. I was treated to a beautiful sunset, and some VT cheeses (thanks Sarah).

sweet stone maple syrup 


Sweet Stone Maple Farm 

sunset hardwick vermont vt 


sunset over the village of hardwick vt  


The universe provided me a nice show of color. I took that as a sign that I'm heading in the right direction. I set off down the hill to explore the village restaurant/pub scene.

foot bridge over the lamouille river hardwick vermont vt

But first, a foot bridge suspended over the Lamouille river.   

foot bridge over the Lamouille river hardwick vt  

Hardwick Village Restaurant over the lamouille river jan 2016 


The Village Restaurant perched over the river in the Village of Hardwick 

I made my way to Positive Pie. I had researched both of Hardwick's nicer restaurants, but the other closed down the same day I arrived. It was in the same space as the restaurant Dan Rather had shown me (Claire's).

I understand the investors plan to open another restaurant in the same space... I anxiously await their next move. But for this trip, I was happy with Positive Pie.

positive pie hardwick vt hill farmstead 

Oh, they had Hill Farmstead Susan on tap... Thank You Universe! Keep showing me the good stuff! I won't let it go unappreciated.

Hill Farmstead at Positive Pie in Hardwich Vt  



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