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Wurstfest and the downhill box issue.

schuster family goes to wurstfest


wurstfest 2015 

We took my Mom to WURSTFEST. She doesn't enjoy beer, designated driver!  

wurstfest sausage and turkey leg 

Wurstfest is about two things, Sausage, Beer and the Chicken dance. Notice the lady with the chicken hat behind Kat. she's doing the Chicken Dance!  

wurstfest beer 2015 

That's right! I'm not driving. Beer was enjoyed... 

wurstfest 2015 

We ran into friends at the Wurstfest.  

wurstfest kids 2015 

PROST! wurstfest 2015 



german dance at wurstfest 

All those years at Cotillion dance class paid off at Wurstfest. It was great to see #1 son enjoy a dance with his Grandmother.  

wurstfest dancers 2015 

wurstfest polka dance contest 2015 

I love seeing all the people dressed up for the event. These pics are from the Polka competition.  

wurstfest polka competition 2015 

wurstfest german hat 

I'm not much of a hat person, but I got swept up in the Germanity of it all. I ducked into the nearest photo booth to get a pic with my new purchase.  

heidi of the beer ticket booth wurstfest 

chicken dance scratch post at wurstfest

The ladies at the beer ticket booth have been making a scratch for each time the Chicken Dance is played. They do this for each year. This was the last day of WurstFest 2015 and the count was up to 53 by the time we left.  

heidi of wurstfest 2015 yoga pose 

wurstfest 2015  


craft beer area of wurstfest 2015 

Our friends introduced us to the craft Bier Garten. We'd never even been to this part of WurstFest.

It was all down hill from there...  

wurstfest sliding down the hill in a cardboard box 

The kids opted to not get on the Ferris Wheel or any of the rides what would require converting cash to tokens and standing in line. They found some cardboard from a dumpster and threw themselves at the mercy of the hill.

wurstfest hill slide  

wurstfest stunt boy  

#2 son had some early success, but was unable to replicate proper downhill technique. Frustration did result.  

wurstfest stunt girl 

wurst fest  

Meanwhile, the other kids gave themselves to gravity with little stress or drama.  

wurstfest cardboard box hill slide  

wurst fest action shot 

wurstfest hill slide 

hill slide fail at wurstfest  

Time to head home....  

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